Breaking the Dogma of the Metal-Coordinating Carboxylate Group in Integrin Ligands: Introducing Hydroxamic Acids to the MIDAS To Tune Potency and Selectivity

Angewandte Chemie, 2009, 48, 24, 4436 - 40 published on 02.06.2009
Angewandte Chemie,   online article

A suitable substitute: All integrin receptors bind their ligands, which contain an aspartate residue, in the metal-ion- dependent adhesion site (MIDAS). So far all attempts to replace the carboxyl group of aspartate with other, pharmacologically favorable isosteric groups have failed. Now it has been shown that a hydroxamic acid group can replace the carboxyl group; the resulting ligand retains its high binding activity. The picture shows one such ligand in the binding site of v3.

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