Backbone assignment of the UHM domain of Puf60 free and bound to five ligands

Biomol NMR Assign, 2008, 2, published on 22.07.2008
Biomol NMR Assign, online article
U2AF homology motifs (UHM) are protein domains that bind peptidic UHM ligand motifs (ULM) and thus form an intricate network of interactions involved in splicing regulation. Here, we report the backbone assignment of the UHM domain of the splicing factor Puf60 as well as 1H, 15N chemical shifts upon binding of the ULM peptides U2AF65 (85–112), SF1 (1–25), SF3b155 (194– 229), SF3b155 (317–357), and Prp16 (201–238).

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