Two-Pore Channel Function Is Crucial for the Migration of Invasive Cancer Cells

Cancer Res; 77(6); 1–12, DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-16-0852
American Association for Cancer Research, online article

Metastatic invasion is the major cause of cancer-related deaths. In this study, we introduce two-pore channels (TPC), a recently described class of NAADP- and PI(3,5)P2–sensitive Ca2+-permeable cation channels in the endolysosomal system of cells, as candidate targets for the treatment of invasive cancers. Inhibition of the channel abrogated migration of metastatic cancer cells in vitro. Silencing or pharmacologic inhibition of the two-pore channel TPC2 reduced lung metastasis of mammary mouse cancer cells. Disrupting TPC function halted trafficking of β1-integrin, leading to its accumulation in EEA1-positive early endosomes. As a consequence, invasive cancer cells were no longer able to form leading edges, which are required for adequate migration. Our findings link TPC to cancer cell migration and provide a preclinical proof of concept for their candidacy as targets to treat metastatic cancers.

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