CIPSM Gender Equality Program

The highly successful CiPSM Women program will be continued and extended in the second funding period. The specific measures will be:

  • CiPSM Women will support female researchers in their career development. Scientific talks and symposia will be organized to which internationally renowned female researchers are invited. In addition, round-table or panel discussions will be organized with female scientists who will talk/discuss about their career and their experiences as women in science.
  • CiPSM Women will organize special workshops and training programs to practice and improve soft skills.
  • CiPSM Women will contribute to a proper life/work balance of talented female young group leaders with child(ren). They will be granted a position for a student assistant (3 months with 19 SWS per year) Junior male scientists, who meet the same criteria, can also request this measure
  • CiPSM Women will support female scientists during pregnancy with funds for the employment of a student assistant (3 months with 19 SWS)
  • CiPSM Women will support female PhD and postdoctoral students with baby with financial support for extra hours of child care (beyond the normal day care times).
  • CiPSM Women will financially support junior female scientists with consumables to initiate new projects and/or new collaborations. There will be one or two calls for this kind of measure per year.
  • CiPSM Women will specifically train female PhD students. There will be at least on call per year for an application of the “First Grant”, a low budget grant (max. 2.000 €) for specific projects of female PhD students.
  • CiPSM Women will financially support female scientists to participate in conferences (own conference contribution is required).
  • CiPSM Women will support female junior researchers in their career by an experienced female mentor. Please contact Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung, LMU Munich, in questions concerning appointment processes.
  • CiPSM Women will organize meetings for all female CIPSM researchers in regular intervals. These meetings will primarily serve as a platform for scientific exchange inside of CIPSM. At the same time these meetings will facilitate the transfer of informal knowledge and experiences between female professors, junior researchers and PhD students. These meetings shall also help to optimize the gender equality program.


For all measures please submit the following documents

- Motivation/justification for a certain measure

- Projekt describtion

- Summary off all costs

- CV including publication list and compilation of third party funds.


Specifics for travel grants: Please provide in addition to the documents described above, the program of the conference and a confirmation of registration. Applications should be submitted at least two month before the planned trip, see also guidelines for travel grants.

Please send applications as single pdf file to


Munich, April 2013                                      Kirsten Jung - Board Member of CIPSM


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