CATP-6, a C. elegans Ortholog of ATP13A2 PARK9, Positively Regulates GEM-1, an SLC16A Transporter

PLOS ONE, 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077202, Volume 8, Issue 10, e77202 published on 05.09.2013
PLOS ONE, online article
In previous work, we found that gain-of-function mutations that hyperactivate GEM-1 (an SLC16A transporter protein) can bypass the requirement for GON-2 (a TRPM channel protein) during the initiation of gonadogenesis in C. elegans. Consequently, we proposed that GEM-1 might function as part of a Mg2+ uptake pathway that functions in parallel to GON-2. In this study, we report that CATP-6, a C. elegans ortholog of the P5B ATPase, ATP13A2 (PARK9), is necessary for gem-1 gain-of-function mutations to suppress the effects of gon-2 inactivation. One possible explanation for this observation is that GEM-1 serves to activate CATP-6, which then functions as a Mg2+ transporter. However, we found that overexpression of GEM-1 can alleviate the requirement for CATP-6 activity, suggesting that CATP-6 probably acts as a non-essential upstream positive regulator of GEM-1. Our results are consistent with the notion that P5B ATPases govern intracellular levels of Mg2+ and/or Mn2+ by regulating the trafficking of transporters and other proteins associated with the plasma membrane.

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