Redox extends its regulatory reach to chloroplast protein import

Trends in Plant Science, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.tplants.2010.06.002, Volume 15, Issue 9, Pages 515-521 published on 03.08.2010
Trends in Plant Science, online article
The import of chloroplast proteins synthesized in the cytosol of a plant cell is mediated by two multiprotein complexes or translocons located at the outer and inner membranes of the chloroplast envelope, respectively, TOC and TIC. These complexes integrate different signals to assure the timely transport of proteins into the chloroplast in accordance with the metabolic and developmental needs of the cell. The past few years have witnessed the emergence of redox as a regulator of the protein transport process. Here, we discuss evidence that the metabolic redox state of the chloroplast regulates the import of preproteins by altering either the activity or composition of participating transport components. It appears that, through these redox changes, chloroplasts communicate with other compartments of the plant cell.  

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