Protein import machineries in endosymbiotic organelles

Cell. Mol. Life Sci., 2009, 66(11-12), 1903-1923, doi:10.1007/s00018-009-8644-2 published on 05.02.2009
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, online article
Chloroplast and mitochondria, the two organelles with an accepted endosymbiotic origin, have developed multiple translocation pathways to ensure the subcellular allocation of proteins synthesized by cytosolic ribosomes, and to guarantee their assembly into functional complexes in coordination also with organellar-encoded subunits. The evolution of different protein import machineries was thus essential for the development of these two organelles within cells. A general overview of the translocation machineries in chloroplast and mitochondrial membranes involved in targeting and import of nuclearencoded proteins, with special focus on plant cells where the two organelles coexist, is expounded.

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