Chromatin Proteomics

CIPSM sponsors the Chromatin Proteomics Workshop which will take place at the LMU in Munich from the 23rd to 24th of March 2010!
The large diversity of cell types and associated functions in multicellular organisms arises through complex molecular, biochemical and cellular processes in cellular differentiation. Whereas genetic information is stored in a linear fashion in DNA sequence, its utilisation occurs within a “three dimensional” context of chromatin, chromosomes and the nucleus, all of which contribute to the multiple layers of gene
regulation. Thus, regulation of gene activity involves transcription factors and DNA regulatory elements, chromatin structure and modification, genome organisation and nuclear compartmentalisation of gene activity and interactions. It is a challenge to determine the identity, the quantity and the dynamic changes of the many proteins that regulate the epigenetic utilisation of the DNA sequence within its chromatin environment. This workshop brings together leading experts in the field of chromatin proteomics.

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80336 München

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