Characterization of a high field Orbitrap mass spectrometer for proteome analysis

PROTEOMICS, 2013, DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201300076, Volume 13, Issue 17, pages 2552–2562 published on 30.07.2013

PROTEOMICS, online article

The field of proteomics continues to be driven by improvements in analytical technology, notably in peptide separation, quantitative MS, and informatics. In this study, we have characterized a hybrid linear ion trap high field Orbitrap mass spectrometer (Orbitrap Elite) for proteomic applications. The very high resolution available on this instrument allows 95% of all peptide masses to be measured with sub-ppm accuracy that in turn improves protein identification by database searching. We further confirm again that mass accuracy in tandem mass spectra is a valuable parameter for improving the success of protein identification. The new CID rapid scan type of the Orbitrap Elite achieves similar performance as higher energy collision induced dissociation fragmentation and both allow the identification of hundreds of proteins from as little as 0.1 ng of protein digest on column. The new instrument outperforms its predecessor the Orbitrap Velos by a considerable margin on each metric assessed that makes it a valuable and versatile tool for MS-based proteomics.

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